Dev Aditya

Head of Fundraising

Dev Aditya is an educationist with experience of upskilling learners across 10 countries. He set started his career with community fundraising and continues to support social causes across the UK and globally. Dev Aditya joined Talitha in 2021 to support their fundraising drive following the effects of the global pandemic. He believes in the importance of wellbeing, expression and self-development for all.
He has spoken at Institute of Fundraising conferences and advised numerous international and national charities, as well as churches, on fundraising and growth, including* *Oasis Trust, Saltmine Trust, Mission Direct, Home Leone, Global Connections*, *Fusion, Olympia Wafula Foundation, South Asia Concern* *and* *Mercy Ministries.

Alastair is married to Sally and they have two daughters, Jessica and Carys. He enjoys playing sport, walking, writing, reading and attending his local church in Aylesbury.