About Us

What we do…

Girl with bright red hat over faceTalitha is a unique non-profit making group of professional artists and art therapists passionate about the potential to restore, hope, dignity and worth through the freedom of the creative arts.

Our key personnel are therapeutic creative arts practitioners who believe passionately that the freedom of personal innovation and creativity can build bridges of hope for lives that have been crushed by oppression, exploitation and abuse.

Why we do it

Our methods focus on people’s inherent resilience and strengths and we find that our work has relevance and value in many situations.

It is vital that our vulnerable client groups are given the means to recover a true sense of identity and value. By building confidence, resilience and hope these vulnerable women may return better equipped to their communities.

How we do it

We facilitate a safe place and a means for participants to express their feelings, hopes, perceptions, joys and fears, encouraging them to explore positive emotional qualities, and to respond to their understanding of themselves and others, relationships, memories, dreams and aspirations. We encourage them to find solutions to obstacles and explore new perspectives.

How we work

We use structured games and imaginative activities to help participants gain a better understanding of their feelings and behaviours. We hear their stories and celebrate their gifts, helping them discover healthy coping strategies, positive thinking, self-control and physical relaxation. We help them understand the value of community and collaboration. Ultimately we equip the participants with resources that can be sustained.

How we will grow

Our methods focus on people’s inherent resilience and strengths and we find that our work has relevance and value in many situations. Now that we have gained registered charity status, we are in the process of designing and delivering more workshops for the relief of those in need in the UK, as a result of circumstances, ill health or disability. We are also working towards creating Hubs in India and throughout the UK so that we can provide more workshops, training and ongoing support.

“As one therapist
 told us, assimilating positive feelings and acknowledging that someone cares for them is one of the hardest things for them to do. It was a great joy to be told that one young girl with us was smiling and engaged for the first time.”

Amanda Root, CEO, Talitha

Please contact us if you would like more information about our work and how we can support your organisation through our transforming work.

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