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Becoming a Practitioner 

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Are you passionate about using therapeutic arts programming to renew hope, restore dignity and release potential in those who need it most?

Training for 2022 is already underway. Please complete the form below to show your interest for 2023! We will contact you as soon as applications open again.
Arts and Crafts
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Becoming a Talitha Practitioner involves a combination of training sessions, workshop shadowing and self-directed learning. We will equip you with training before you participate in projects, but more importantly you will learn from shadowing and participating in existing Talitha workshops. 

What is the Talitha Approach?

The Talitha Approach is a unique, person-centred approach to therapeutic arts workshops. This means each of our workshops is planned in advance, directed, and tailored to the groups and individuals we serve.
As a Talitha practitioner your duties would include team session planning, debriefing and evaluation as well as co-leading workshops themselves. 

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Frequently asked questions about becoming a Talitha Practitioner