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Our Story

Talitha Arts was founded by actor, Amanda Root (pictured right). We began by facilitating therapeutic arts workshops for International Justice Mission in India, working aftercare homes for girls rescued from trafficking and violent abuse.


Over the years, our work has expanded to respond to the needs of U.K. organisations who might benefit from our transformative therapeutic arts workshops., working with those who have experienced trauma, abuse, violence, homelessness; ex-offenders, addiction, refugees, children, and those who are living with dementia.


As we continue to grow, every year we train new practitioners in the Talitha Approach. Our approach is 'person-centered', meaning it is tailored to the individuals we serve. Our practitioners are both professional creative artists and registered therapists who are passionate about Talitha Arts Mission.



Help us Transform Lives Through the Creative Arts.

Vision & Mission Anchor

Our Mission

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We aim to use the power of the therapeutic arts to enable transformation in those in need of mental health support

Our Vision

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To empower all individuals and communities by providing excellent and bespoke therapeutic arts workshops that promote better mental health and well-being, enabling people to reach their full potential.

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Our Values

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Talitha Arts believes in the unique value of every individual and that expressing oneself through the arts enables healing.

We believe creativity is for everyone, and the arts connect people to each other, their own identity and self-worth.

We maintain that art is a powerful processing tool and catalyst for positive change individuals, communities and society as a whole.

Where does the name "Talitha" come from?

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Our name originates from a quote in the Gospel of Mark, "Talitha Cumi”, which translates to "Little Girl Arise."

This sentiment is at the heart of Talitha Arts. Through specialised workshops which encourage creativity and self-expression, Talitha seeks to empower individuals and help vulnerable communities to "arise," nourishing them so they may thrive, using art as a catalyst for change.

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We work from a 'person-centred' ethos that enables and focuses on the individual.

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