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Our Team Members


Jenna Thorne

Artistic Director

Jenna is an actor, director, and writer who combines her skills in the arts and organisational leadership to serve communities and restore hope, dignity and worth to vulnerable groups. Alongside her role at Talitha, she also works in the Learning Network for the Methodist Church. Jenna has worked in the creative arts and ministry sectors - providing and implementing creative resources for churches, and organisations, and has previously run LifeWorks Creative Arts Centre. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts from East 15 Acting School (University of Essex) and a BA from University of Toronto.


Eleanor Swann

Creative Fundraising Director

Eleanor is a multimedia artist, passionate about art and nature. She studied visual communication design and is especially interested in the restorative power of the arts to energise and engage. She combines creative projects, including interactive sound and visual design, with fundraising, programme development and branding and communications.


Becky Gibbs

Therapeutic Arts Director

Becky joined the Talitha team in January 2022 with a background specialising in art and drama. After training at Guildford School of Acting, Becky has since been working predominantly in theatre and creative facilitation work. She is passionate about using integrated art forms to help build confidence, empowerment and hope and has vast experience working creatively with vulnerable adults and children.

Meet Our Team

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Introducing Talitha's patron, Tim McInnerny

Please support Talitha in any way you can - it does change people's lives.

Tim has starred in numerous stage and screen productions, including Blackadder and Notting Hill, and has graced the stage in lead roles at the National Theatre and with the RSC. We are delighted that he has agreed to become Talitha Arts’ first patron, not least as he believes passionately in the healing and restorative powers of the Creative Arts.

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