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The Talitha Approach

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“...very gently done and very freeing as I don’t open up easily...”

- Workshop Participant

What is The Talitha Approach? 

Our approach to creative therapeutic arts workshops is theory-driven, dynamic, and adaptable. Its methodology is based on research surrounding the use of the creative arts to heal trauma. We use an integrative arts model that uses a wide-range of artistic mediums including movement, dance, theatre, visual arts and the performing arts to incite freedom and courage. What differentiates Talitha is our tailored and ‘person-centred’ approach. 


What is a ‘person-centred’ approach?

We specifically tailor our programmes to the needs of the organisations we work with and encourage each workshop participant to engage at their own pace. We never ask a participant to engage in an activity that they do not freely welcome. In that sense, although our workshops are guided by trained Talitha Practitioners, Talitha workshops are ‘self-led’. This approach empowers the individual to take ownership of their own healing journey. 


What kinds of organisations do you work with?

Talitha has worked with groups of all ages internationally and in the UK. We have worked with survivors of domestic violence, ex-offenders, those experiencing homelessness, those living with dementia, women who have been trafficked, refugees and children. Talitha works in the UK and has also worked internationally. If you are unsure if your organisation is a good fit, please reach out, our aim is to extend our services wherever possible and appropriate. 



How are workshops led?


Talitha workshops are guided and co-led by trained Talitha Practitioners. Practitioners are professional artists and arts therapist. At each session, there is always a minimum of 2 practitioners on-site. 


How long are Talitha Workshops?

Our workshops usually include 1 pilot session followed by 3-6 progressive sessions, each 150 minutes in length. Each session builds on the tools built in the prior session. The nature of our progressive workshops allow room for participants to grow and create awareness within themselves. In circumstances requiring a longer term commitment workshops have been up to 10 weeks long.  


What is involved in a workshop?

Our workshop sessions are made up of 5 parts: Warm-Up, Bridge-in, Main Event, Bridge-Out and Grounding exercises. Each activity is rooted in the creative arts. This can include breathing exercises, movement, dance, visual art and creative play. We work from a large repertoire of therapeutic arts activities and exercises that have proven to promote freedom and flexibility. The exercises we use in workshops are always tailored to the specific group we are working with. Our Practitioners are both professional artists and trained arts therapists, which uniquely positions them to share their own creative talents with workshop participants. 


Are your workshops considered therapy?

No. Talitha workshops are designed to be creative and therapeutic but are not considered therapy. Our sessions are directive and short-term. Our workshops are designed to promote freedom, choice and the value of the individual. We do not claim that Talitha Sessions 'heal' trauma. We have found our workshops are a great entry point for one-to-one therapy and are also a great addition to ongoing therapy.

I am an individual looking to become involved in a workshop. How can I sign up? 

We work only in group scenarios and with partner organisations. Please visit our partners and resource page for a list of organisations we work with with.



How many people can participate?


We can accommodate groups of 4-23 people. The number of participants is confirmed before workshops take place so that adequate space, facilities and resources can be provided. We require a 4 person participant minimum.

I am an organisation looking to host a workshop. What is the commitment? 

Great! We are always looking for new opportunities. After initial interest is submitted, and a working partnership is agreed, a Pilot Session takes place prior to working with workshop participants. In the Pilot Session our goal is to assess the suitability and viability of the Talitha Approach for both parties. 


What is the participating organisation responsible for?

We will ask that you provide an ongoing point-of-contact in your organisation who will work with our team. Your organisation will need to provide a suitable space for workshop activities with adequate access to washroom facilities and water. We will provide a flyer handout that outlines the objectives of the workshop. Your organisation is responsible for advertising the workshop to its members. All volunteers, including our own, must have current DBS checks. 

How are workshops funded?  

Funding for all Talitha projects is subject to resources available. Ideally we would seek some funding from the host organisation, however we do offer partner funding and subsidisation, and no fees apply if a programme is fully funded by a grant. It is our goal to respond to every request for service where there is genuine need.  


How do I submit initial interest? 
You can submit Initial Interest on our contact page or by emailing Please allow 3-5 business days response time.

What Participants Have Said

“...very gently done and very freeing as I don’t open up easily...”

“...I feel like I've let a lot of stuff go the last two weeks...”

“...these sessions have been really rewarding and self-acknowledging...”

“...I discovered myself in these six sessions. I like Rebecca, Amanda, and Emily. They are so friendly. I like all the activities, but the most loved ones are breathing exercises, artwork, sculpture, stretching exercises...”

“ ...Overall an interesting and inspiring experience providing new avenues for searching and getting to know oneself [and possibly others] better. Thank you”

“This is a fantastic programme and would really benefit so many people like me. It is truly healing and needed.” 

"Attending Talitha Arts was a bit hard to start but Becky and Jenna (Talitha practitioners) are both amazing and helped me to feel more comfortable as the workshops went on! I loved every second"

"It’s lovely to stop and enjoy calmness during the sessions. Thank you"


"Absolutely amazing workshops, I really enjoyed being creative and making different things. It really helped my personal well-being. Thank you so much"


"Becky and Jenna are so lovely. They made each group relaxed, light and fun. I’ve loved every session and how each session seemed to get better and better. Thank you so much"


"Would recommend to others to give it a try"

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