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NEW – Talitha Heads to Bolivia

This October (2018) a team of four, all from Jersey, is flying to Bolivia for its second visit in three years at the request of two projects. The team will  spend two weeks based in La Paz, Bolivia, working in El Alto  primarily serving two organisations: Casa de mi Padre and Word Made Flesh. The girls from the after school project, Casa de mi Padre are extremely vulnerable due to poverty, parental circumstances and are likely to have experienced physical, emotional or sexual trauma. They will come together with a group of girls from Word Made Flesh who are the daughters of sex-workers from El Alto with similar issues. Our 6 day programme will be designed therapeutically for their levels of trauma and address confidence and self-worth, helping them find new ways of expressing themselves and discover coping strategies through the creative arts.

The Team will also offer a day’s programme to the women from the Word Made Flesh project, some of whom work in the sex-trade in El Alto, exploring themes of identity and dignity. The team will deliver some introductory Talitha training and a care workers’ retreat to local NGOs and the Bolivian Field Office of the International Justice Mission, as well as a retreat for another group of young women who are being supported by a local Church.

Talitha is looking to create an overseas fund so that it can say ‘yes’ to more of the opportunities that come its way.

If you would like to donate to provide much needed financial support for trips such as this and the other international work Talitha does you can donate to our International Fund.

If you would like to know more about our overseas work please contact us at

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