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Talitha Talk: 11th August - “Seeking Justice” with Ian Dyble

We are pleased to announce “Seeking Justice” : a Talitha Talk by Ian Dyble, Talitha Trustee, vicar, and former defence lawyer, on 11th August at 7pm (via Zoom)

Join us as Ian is interviewed by Ben Brighouse (a Crown Prosecutor and member of Ian’s congregation) about his passion for justice and his heart for renewal and restoration for those who have experienced injustice, particularly through being victims of Modern Slavery, and as they tackle some tricky issues such as:

  • ‘What is justice?’

  • ‘Is justice attainable?’

  • ‘If we have a right to justice, where does that right come from?’

Ian has been a vicar in Norfolk since 2013 following three years as a curate at Holy Trinity Brompton. Prior to that Ian was professionally involved in the justice system both as a solicitor and then as a barrister.

To register, email:

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