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NEW – Calling all poets (and actors, writers, singers, dancers…)

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

There are many ways that people can support Talitha Arts. One of them is through poetry. That is exactly what actress, practitioner and Jersey hub leader Cathy Sara did when, together with her mum, Mary Thomson, a poetess, they put on an evening of readings and thought-provoking insights into how the creative arts can bring freedom and restoration to vulnerable and damaged lives. Both believe passionately in the transformative power of the arts, and throughout the evening they shared stories and read poems about their work and experience.

Against a background of images taken at Talitha workshops in Bolivia, India, Jersey and UK , Mary read poems from her newest book, Before and After, and both women shared their insights into how the past informs our present and shapes the future. The event, staged at Loughton Methodist Arts Centre in mid-February, raised an astonishing £397 for Talitha Arts through ticket and book sales, and donations. Copies of Before and After can be purchased from Mary. Just drop us a note at and we’ll put you in touch with Mary.

Before and After, by Mary Hill

(By the way, if you are any of the above, a poet, a writer, a singer, an actor or indeed, if you have any other gifting, do please consider how you might use those gifts to benefit the work of Talitha Arts. We’d love to hear from you if you are putting on an event, and how we might support you. Just drop us a note at and we’ll be in touch.)

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