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New projects launch in the UK: Talitha teams work with those living with dementia and domestic viole

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Posted May 27, 2016 by Antoinette Hage

April & May 2016 saw the launch of two new UK Programmes:

Dementia care… following a successful pilot in February, where the residents responded beyond what could have been expected, we were delighted to run a full Talitha programme at Dalemead Residential Home in Twickenham, working with those living with dementia.

‘At Dalemead, the residents and staff have had the most wonderful opportunity to experience a series of seven imaginative creative workshops courtesy of Talitha.  We have benefitted from the ladies’ boundless enthusiasm, positivity and infectious smiles on a weekly basis. Each session has been extremely well planned and dynamically presented. The members of Talitha have been able to engage the residents and encourage them to be interested in the world in which they live. Talitha have always shown a keen interest in looking at each resident as an individual. They carefully differentiate workshops to appeal to residents of varying types and severity levels of dementia. Thus providing a person centred activity every time.   The members of Talitha are a breath of fresh air and we are so lucky to have experienced their friendship, kindness, warmth and sense of fun!

There have been so many wonderful opportunities to reminisce, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. The whole experience has been life affirming. Thank you Talitha!’ Sarah, Activities Co-Ordinator for Dalemead

Another team has also began workshops at Colchester and Tendering Women’s Refuge, working with women living with domestic violence, where we seek to see the arts bring hope and healing in the darkest places.

How precious to play our part in seeing lives transformed!

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