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Anti-Slavery Day: Small Steps Toward Breaking Chains

18th October, 2020 marks Anti-Slavery day and as a charity we want to remain mindful of the 40.3 million individuals enslaved around the world today. Talitha has journeyed with many who have endured, and survived, modern day slavery and we remain conscious of the privilege it is to come alongside some of the young girls and women ‘behind’ this horrifying statistic.

Whilst we join with the outcry and the empathy for what has been done to them, we also want to celebrate (yes celebrate!) the courage, resilience and strength we have encountered in those who have taken part in our therapeutic programmes. These women have experienced such significant trauma however for us; this does not define them. Indeed, we dare to hope that we can offer them a space to see beyond this.

Missionary Jackie Pullinger famously states that“it is easier to take a person out of slavery than it is to take the slavery out of a person.” This may be true, however, we have seen how the creative arts can unlock invisible, internal chains and bring freedom. We may not be breaking down brothel walls or prosecuting legal cases but we have seen glimpses of newfound freedom in dance, in an image, in a brave young woman finding her voice for the first time through a poem or role play. Small steps far away from court rooms but important ‘anti-slavery’ steps nevertheless.

We are so grateful for your support this year and hope you will continue to stand with us as we navigate all that covid has brought with it.

Kate Snowden

Therapeutic Director

Talitha Arts

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