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Confidence & Connection: How Talitha is Empowering Young People

This year, Talitha Arts has hit the ground running, partnering with amazing organisations to support young refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants. We're particularly excited about our work with young people who are new to the UK and facing unique challenges.

Young Roots: Amazing People of the World

Finding Strength through Creative Expression

We've been delivering workshops for Young Roots, a London charity working with young refugees aged 11-25. Over 8 weeks, we ran workshops for their "Amazing People of the World" (APOW) group, a diverse group of 16-18 year olds.

The focus? Building confidence and creating a strong community spirit. We used drama, dance, movement, and visual arts to help the group express themselves and connect with each other.

From Hesitation to High Fives
"I feel sky high!" - Young Roots participant

At first, there was some natural hesitation, which is totally understandable. But as the weeks flew by, something incredible happened - we saw the group loosen up, have fun, and truly connect.

One young woman, who initially preferred to watch, blossomed into a confident participant. By the end, she was actively contributing ideas, working with her peers, and thriving in the supportive environment.

More Than Just Words: Celebrating Cultures

The APOW group came from various backgrounds, so we made sure to celebrate their unique cultures. We incorporated different languages and music into the program, encouraging them to share something of themselves. This resulted in some beautiful group poetry that truly captured the spirit of "Amazing People of the World."

"They are amazing, friendly and helpful. When we come here and we meet (people), play games and Talitha makes our day! These 3 (Talitha team) are the best"

Baytree Centre: Building Confidence Through Creativity

Following a successful pilot, we're partnering with The Baytree Centre in Brixton to deliver a "Creativity Through Arts" project for young girls aged 11-14.

This 12-week program aims to foster connections and confidence in these girls, many of whom come from different backgrounds and haven't met before. Through fun activities and creative exploration, we're helping them build friendships and a strong support network within their community.

Growth, Strength, and So Much More!

So far, we've explored themes of growth, self-discovery, and inner strength. We've used clay, movement, and drawing to allow the girls to express themselves in creative and sensory ways.

Each week, we see them becoming more comfortable with each other and the Talitha approach. We're excited to witness their confidence and connection continue to blossom throughout the program.

Partnerships for Positive Change

Working with Young Roots and the Baytree Centre has been incredibly rewarding. We're looking forward to expanding these partnerships and creating even more impactful programs in 2024 and beyond!

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